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                      What details should be paid attention to when customizing silk scarves - yuetimei

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                      掃一掃!What details should be paid attention to when customizing silk scarves - yuetimei掃一掃!
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                        As a company that produces scarves, we often encounter various problems. Not long ago, a customer asked us to order scarves, but the customer didn't know this very well. It happened that the friends who left messages on the message board said they wanted to order scarves. If you want to know the common problems about ordering scarves, let's introduce ordering scarves in detail now!


                      What should we pay attention to when making silk scarves? If we don't understand the professional skills, then we can first know some simple items, such as the size, weight and meter number of customized silk scarves. What does this represent? The specifications of customized silk scarves are generally 52*175,90*90110*110140*140, etc. the general basic specifications can be customized by the manufacturer! So, what is Mamie? The MM used to make silk scarves is the thickness of the scarves. For example, the commonly used 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm, the MM is the thickness of the scarves. The higher the mm, the thicker the scarves!


                      Do you want to know any custom scarves? In addition, there is also the processing technology of customized silk scarves and the technical nature of coiling. It doesn't matter if you don't have a good grasp of this kind of potential purchaser. The sales of general manufacturers will show you their differences. Which is suitable for you! In fact, what else should we pay attention to? It is to find out whether the manufacturer has the overall strength to serve considerate customers, and whether it has the overall strength to do a good job in this batch of order information, which must be considered from other levels!


                      In fact, making silk scarves is not only that simple, but also some things that we must pay special attention to. Let's introduce them in detail again at that time!









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